The Ringling Brothers Circus had been abusing their animals for years, specifically the elephahts. They are taken as children and “trained” for hours on end. The elephants babies legs are tied up and they are stretched and forced into painful positions that are required to learn for the circus. If they fail to do this correctly, or hesitate which is their natural instinct, they are beaten with stun guns, whips, and bats. They are foced to start preforming at the age of two.

The Ringling Brothers Circus website states that “Because animals are an integral part of what present to our audiences, Ringling Bros. provides the highest standards of care to our animal preformers 365 days a year. Our staff consists of animal experts who devote their lives to living, working with, and caring for animals.” However, in a video that was released of the elephants abuse, the head trainer says “Don’t just touch them, hurt them! Make ‘em scream!” when teaching the other trainers how to properly hit the elephants with a bat. Their physical abuse doesn’t remotely meet standards let alone the “highest standards of care”. 

In the wild, elephants spend up to 20 hours walking a day. At the circus, they’re lucky to even roam around for a few hours. Even then, they are still surrounded by people and being beaten. 

In order to “break” the animals, in order to crush their spirit, the elephants are taught that they depend on the trainer for every single necesity. The trainers do this by sticking a bullhook (a stick with a sharp metal hook at the end) in the elephants noses, ears, and other sensitive areas. The trainers then pull the elephants around to show that the trainers have complete control. The bullhooks are even used to stab the elephants in their feet, chin, etc, as a punishment for not preforming correctly, or just not doing anything at all.

I’m here because this needs to end now.

Something needs to be done. The Ringling Bros. Circus has paid fines up to 16 million dollars, but it’s not enough. No matter how much they pay, or how strict the standards are, these animals will still be taken from the wild and forced into countless hours of painful training in order to entertain a six year old for twenty minutes. The animal cruelty not only has to end, but the elephants need to be taken out of the circus and brought to a stable environment.

Please watch the video provided which shows pictures and clips of the abuse that goes on and the treatment they recieve from their trainers.

Stand up and fight for the animals that can’t.

Update: PETA has sent my petition to Tom Vilsack and given me his email. Every single signature will be sent to him. Vilsack is consciously ignoring the abuse. My petition has been updated and edited with more information. Please do not only reblog, but sign. This has over 1,000 notes but way less than half (of 1,000) signatures. Thank you for reblogging, but really, just take a minute to sign it. The elephants need to be removed from the circus.


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